21st.June, the summer Solstice.

Tomorrow is of course this year’s Summer Solstice. This particular one is probably the most exciting , powerful one that everyone alive today will ever experiance…we are now in the final 9 yrs of the 36yr new energy cycle since the Equinoxes…18 in 18 out.

The final quarter of this beautiful,expansive awakening , awareness of humanity, Absolutely Now IS IT..as from midnight tomorrow the outbound shift will begin in full earnest.

Gaia,s much needed shift to 4/5D is on , the recalibration has happened, we will see beautiful changes, (not so apparent to those of our wonderful connected brothers & sisters who have still not chosen the positive alignment, in fact they may well consider it ugly, horrible & bad..due to their negative linear thinking)..but for those of us who have either shifted or begun to shift every change is cleansing & another step into light 4D Consciousnesses for the planet.

It is the soul purpose of every incarnate human right now (, wether they know it or not) to assist Gaia in this, her rewards will be beyond anything we can ever imagine..a collective abundance , beauty, benevolent, compassion that only a truly higher consciousness feminine energy can give..know you are magnificent, meld with Gaia, God, Source, believe, know,trust,open up, fear not, meditate,pray, sing,dance,paint,write,hug,love, & embrace who you truly are..& know I love you each &: everyone of you . blessings GG💗💋

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