The veil of forgetfulness.

When we incarnate on this planet we used to agree to forget , this as the caption on the image says ” forgetting is as important as remembering.

As soon as our individual sovereign aspect source self emerge through the veil connecting heaven/source to this 3D dimensional reality we forget everything who we were.. because higher density light frequency, vibrations used to find it impossible to function in dark dense 3D.

Because of this & the act of self sacrifice forgetting, our spiritual journey pre 2012 was incredibly frustrating, the struggle to remember who we were/are often plaqued us, causing pain,anger & imbalance.

We were still doing karma, repeating experiences time & time again, growing spirituality ,but very slowly, knowledge , knowing & wisdom was sporadic, due to the thick dark dense crust of darkness that surrounded Earth,& in it’s crystalline grid, our Akosh was mostly old memories, so even when a few of us did remember , it was often our past history of events , remembering where we came from or who we are was rare..only the wisened.ingemious peoples could truly remember..when asked they would say “look to the stars”

Now things are so much different we.can & do remember so much more, much easier but not only that we can chose which bits of our Akosh memory we wish to remember, yes the good bits !!so no more horrible memories of lack,hate,fear,hardship,..if you chose, because it’s still free choice, do this from today ask your body ,Akosh,DNA, higher self, to remind you of your greatness in past lives, the happy, joyful, abundant times, deserve this, we are the new expanded human.

Not only this every human reincarnated now will be of 4Density awareness, which will include you if you are of positive inclined lower 3D dark density humans will reincarnate on this beautiful planet any more, they will rebirth on a different Earth still stuck in 3D, to continue there free choice negative experiences , till they have finally learned their lessons.

This is how humanity & Gaia,s planet will expand into positive energy , as the negative dark aligned are gradually removed

You are blessed, magnificent & benevolent light being..GG💫💕

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