Assimilating source light.

This particular article is probably the most esoteric, metaphysical ,one I have put on this blog…it is something that I have withheld for a while, , because of the wonderful part & way it sits in the now new paradigm expanding new energy…& I personally now feel this explanation, excercise,& knowledge needs to be put out their. Assimilating light source in a way that is pure & not just a meditative , visualization, uplift. It is very different to what is put in the social media & the many so called teachers that have suddenly saturated the light worker, spiritual ,new age movement.

Just to remind you I spent 5-7 years studying & understanding colour, & I am an Itec, BSA colour therapist.(which believe me means nothing, now, but was part of the controlled restricted new age movement .when I trained & did workshops in the mid 90,s )..since then a beautiful natural flow.of downloads , information & knowledge has been granted to with me regarding colour & the pure light source…with strict instructions not to share till told to do this withholding edict , may well have come from elements of my own dark/shadow & influences by dark malevolent beings..or not?..

I have to share with you my experiences & truths in order that you understand , so much information was released in the dark old pre 2000 was simply not appropriate to.the predominantly negative/dark Consciousnesses of humanity at that time…with this in mind I will continue with this subject in part 2.

Love,light & blessings 🌈..GG

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