San Luis Valley Colorado, is a playground for Paranormal activity. It has experianced everything from Bigfoot, UFO,s & alien, sightings, as well.as energy fluctuation vortex’s (portals) to other dimensions…it has vast deposits of quart,s crystals.

It is now known that areas with high density Quart crystals are associated with extremely high paranormal activity,..could this be the link.

Up to 30 indigenous peoples held this place sacred. The military it appears are buying up all areas where there are vast quantities of crystal quartz, Military no entry signs are popping up everywhere..lol.

Mount Blonca runs down one side of this valley, & many strange sittings have been seen coming from inside there.. several sources suggest that their is a hidden base inside the mountain, wether it is Military or Alien is not fully known.

One of the world famous cattle mutilations took place in the area where around 200.cattle were mysteriously mutilated, in ways beyond animal.or human destruction.

This is sure a place of vast , unusual, happenings, where many scientists, astrophysicist,seti, & paranormal investigators often come in search of truth & proof.

Blessings in love..GG😇💖

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