They believed that dreamtime was at the beginning , the land & people were created by spirits , these spirits made the rivers,streams, water holes,hills,rocks,plants & animals.

Dreamtime is a term used for describing Aboriginal spiritual beliefs. The aborigines are the indigenous peoples of Australia

They believed that dreamtime was at the beginning,the land & people were created by spirits. These spirits made the rivers, streams, water holes,hills,rocks , plant’s & animals.

Also giving them their hunting tools,& each tribe it’s land & totems, & dreaming . The ancestors made everything!.

Dreamtime dates back 65,000, yrs, it is the story of events that have happened ,how the universe came to be, & how hand were created & how the creator intended humans to to function within the world.

It is the beginning that has never ended, a period of continuum if past present & future.

One such supernatural spirit is the Rainbow 🌈 serpent.

Forget what prophecies the Dark elite have for humanity, the only only prophecies that hold truth within them are those of the indigenous peoples of the.planet..& to understand these you have to ditch linear 3D thinking.

I give credit & thanks to Artlandish for supplying me with the information for this article.

Dream,dream my beautiful people..πŸ’•πŸ’š

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