The Ra recommend Conscious raising exercise.

In a recent channelling by Ra ,the collective consciousness , they recommend the following exercise to help in enhancing the massive high Conscious positive energy being poured into Earth & humanity right now..this current energy is there to help lift the Conscious.of those of humanity who are ready for an upgrade to 1st or 2nd density 4D…& will.last till 10 th June as I ready mentioned in previous posts.

Many of you have probably spent time doing this previously..but like everything else in this new energy paradigm, potential,the doing of this now is enhanced ,changed ,upgraded, & works far better then previously.

The essence not the excercise is to sit next to a tree, breathe deeply & clear your mind, once this is done , imagine yourself melding with the tree, feel the entire Consciousnesses of this high density 2D entity..see through your 3rd eye /source awareness, how that particular.tree see,s it’s surroundings, thinks,it’s total living in the moment, how the immediate area has changed, as your.perception embraces the majestic magnificence.of this beautiful Earth mothers child..take as long is needed to do this, it may take several attempts, but most will feel.something different on the 1st attempt

I personally have been merging with trees for years..simply because in.past lives I was a tree in the Andromeda star system for millions of years, so I have always had a natural affinity towards

Having now tried this excercise in the way described, I will in the best way I can relate to you my own sensational , emotional.experiances, far far different to any of my previous experiences of a similar excercise.

I blessed my own personal 🌲, the one I have been sitting with & sharing energy with for about 3yrs now..having requested permission to sit against this wonderful flourishing entity, & yes answer …I breathed deeply for several minutes, allowing my Ego.self to.gently step aside.

My energy meld was quick, as my etheric flowed unhindered into the willing trees being..this breath away, as normally this transmission would take a few minutes, this time however it was virtually instantaneous..!!.

The trees life force became mine , two willing entities working in conjunction both experiancing new lessons. The tree thanked me saying that it would evolve into the highest 2D density (7 I think) which would be animal form in its next cycle of life..I shuddered at this beautiful connection of love, gratitude & heart wept..then my opening to this brings awareness happened, I was the tree, I could see everything ,in all the different directions that the trees branches extended, simultaneously, colours were diminished ,but distinctive, the greens were not, they sparkled emerald, bit tinged with purple,violet & lavender, the sounds of the birds , which looked esqusite , majestic , were vaguely familiar, I could almost understand the chirps,cheeps, & squawks, crows were shinning dark purple not black, they were protectors mod light , not as we 3D dark entities, the squirrels were angelic, the magpie, cheeky laughing,similar to.a human jester, the tinier ones sang in sonorous harmonic pitches, every other tree was me, seeing the same thing, feeling, sensing, connected, yet individual,..on occasion it seemed I.looked down, at mother Earth , & the dizziness, emptyness I felt as suddenly I was plunged into.thr depths of the Earth & dirt, expanding our into the splaying roots of my magnificent host,..the blessings & gratitude,respect & honour & compassionate this is beyond humbling,..source is unwritable in our understanding.

This is of course is.part of my.own personal I said I have been a tree before, but, I can tell you this excercise even if you have done tree work.before , will enhance you to a higher level of awareness that is appropriate for this time.

Thank you for reading this..god bless..GG🌎😇♥️


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