This article is for information only & all view’s expressed are GG,s personal opinion..Ayahuasca..a South American/ Amazon based plant, drank as a tea.in ceremonial rituals overlooked by Shaman.

This is a ,hullucagenic drug/plant, it brings on a spiritual/awakening, cleansing of the body, visions of your inner self ,dark shadows, it acts like a spiritual serpent moving through your body , cleansing as it goes , swirling around , showing you relevant information , & taking you on a deep,deep journey, of purification &. understanding of oneself & spirit.

The duration of the journey varies from person to person from sometimes only a few minutes to several hours..it can be a fearful insight into your deepest darkest hang ups.. many participants have screamed in despair whilst on the journey..others have laughed continuously throughout..it is becoming a fast growing spiritual adventure..in most instances only 2/3 times of taking is needed..if you wish to participate in an Ayahuasca ceremony ensure you do so with an authentic source .

Blessings vGG💖


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