Water process

Along with blood ,Water is the other light Conscious carrying compound in our body.

I often do the following process to enhance the connected flow of this wonderful god/source given gift. Which you might like to try.

Whilst in the shower , under Luke warm water, I go into a trance meditative state, clearing & blanking my mind, once this is achieved , I open up to becoming one with the water flow, listening feeling & imaging how it is to be free flowing water.. gradually merging my entire body with the majestic flowing,gushing water..this unity is so fulfilling, as it allows you to connect with the stored light energy that the water carries…so not only do you cleanse your body you fill yourself with expanding light.

Any process that keeps us connected to the source that is all.is.is worthwhile.

Love & blessings GG🧡💚😇

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