Global cooling

I have spoken about this before, the planet is entering a new Ice age, not a global.warming, a global.cooling, nearly know or have been told in 3D linear matrix reality is backwards.

Gaia automatically heals herself, & this global cooling is her natural way of counterbalancing any excessive global warming or damage to the planet that may have been caused.

Massive economic spending has been allocated to global warming, & the fear media machine has been pumping this out , putting fear into our consciousness.

We should be preparing for colder climes & times, as this shift happens, it’s simply the planet the massive shift away from darkness, the dark energy has caused the global warming cooling is the light consciousness answer.

Humanity has been through ice ages before & survived , & as our consciousness expands into 4D, our body awareness expands,& we will be capable of adapting to this scenario.

Love love..GG🌎💖


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