9 years left.

There are 9.more years left out of the 36yr new energy timeline.

2012 was the anchor point , once humanity & the planet.passed that midway point, the light consciousness/energy was in sufficient quantity & to gradually erase the old 3D linear rinse repeat ,rinse ,repeat cycle.

The elite negative elements of humanity, have their own agenda for planet & humanity for 2030,..A1 (super AI), great money reset, planetery travel..etc..all of which I have spoken about..you see they know time is not on their side, they are/were aware of the 26,000 yr procession of the Equinox, higher Malevant forces have.influenced their awareness..which is why there is this sudden intense race to push forward all these ideas…these are all potentials, but light now has the upper hand, of course free will/ choice in humanities conscious is still the prime directive…so these potentials could happen..

The recent solar flares, that have been been happening, are the light forces assisting in helping humanity .. these solar flares are not only light consciousness uplifts for the positive conscious Awakening of Humanity, they are also preventive measures to stop interference from Malevant higher beings in swaying our free choice…these solar flares will have a big impact on disturbing the AI technology.

The biggest potential in the fields right now is Peace on Earth , this will take massive strides by 2030, it is from that juncture in human evolution ,that truly massive steps to a higher conscious will.occur.

The next 9 years is the big turning point for everything, you me,us, humanity,the planet,other higher consciousness beings, the galaxy & the universe.. always remember how magnificent you are, & the light Consciousnesses is currently in the Ascendancy, breathe,create,speak,act ,be& through free will.live.light..courage, understanding, belief,& knowing are what’s need now..& we have those credentials in spades.

I send you love in a light language blessing..GG💚🌏😇

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