AI (Ascension Intelligence)v AI ( Artificial Intelligence)

Humanity at present seems to be heading at a fast pace to a controlled.. Artificial Intelligence society, where the richest people on the planet are trying to create a technical Singularity..this is the Darks version.of a singular thinking connected being..unlike the lights AI (Ascension Intelligence).into a natural Consciousnesses unity source of. awakening humans.

All the elite billionaires have been on record warning about the unknown dangers of AI..why Elon Musk in his own words stated..” we are summoning our demons”…yet they are still heavily investing in this technology.

Are the elite & dark 3D aligned humanity by pursuing this in an unenlightened way losing their spiritual values?

A more spiritual/god/source humanity may indeed find many benefits from this AI advancement..but the continued creating of machines that we no.longer know how they perhaps not the way to.proceed…of course these elites are being (mostly through free choice contracts ) controlled or very influenced by the Malevant higher Consciousnesses beings of the Annuaki,Gray’s, Reptilian & negative Orion forces.

The coming few years will determine the direction we are going with this, ..just know light has won no.matter how this looks at present.

Love & light GG🧡😇

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