The dark 90,s

Being around & on a spiritual path in the 90,s I can through my experiences tell you the awakening , conscious journey now 30+yrs on is much more pleasant, then then. I am aware that those of a younger age on their own journey, will claim, the journey to awakening is difficult,& confusing.

Yet today there are many more tools available for the light worker, spiritual,new ager then there ever has been…a lot more light is now flowing into our previously dark thick crusted 3D consciousness, this has brought with it much more information that previously could not either penetrate the sludge, or was not ready to be brought into our awareness..

On many occasions in the early to mid nineties,I received information that I simply could not bring to humanity..I was vowed was all to scarry to be revealed at the time, do so would have opened myself to the massive dark entities negativity that was controlling the majority of humanities consciousness at that time..

The 90,s was the time of ugly shadow cleansing, it was one almighty struggle to push through the created dark entities of humanity & their Malevant alien controllers. It was said & I can vouch for this now, “that humanities awareness of god/source if put together would amount to a single orange sized football that stood in a infinite darkness.”

Any light or coloured rays of light frequency, were a bit like the image at the top of this blog.. colour trying to infiltrate a black & white TV.. flickering, changing & difficult to understand

The war between dark & light was on, & dark at that time had the upper hand..the handful.of light the time, constantly had to enter ugly,filthy,trash infested dimensional.spaces of crippling,horrific dark, battling wave after wave of humanities created bilge..dark sorcerer’s.on the planet were abound.

A glimpse of pure light, & any knowledge was what kept me personally going, many on the path died , ready to incarnate & carry the battle forward.

The thin sliver of beautiful.light cracks that shined through dark encrusted Gaia, imprisoning her, must have hurt her deeply, knowing that her supposed saviour humanity, had in fact entrapped her with their dark conscious thoughts.

Gradually through the 90,s the light squeezed & squeezed & human fringe dweller’s,with massive help from, the benevolent galactic beings that could help,& the oh so brave,fearless white animals, of higher consciousness, ( there higher self)..swept through hundreds of millions of dark.structed beings,craft & allies, until finally in 1999, 10 yrs after the war for survival.began , Fissures began to cascade throughout the dark walls of imprisonment,..2000 AD brought the equivalent of the spiritual Berlin wall to a head, like a massive dam the light flowed through the cracks..& it took.another 12 years til.2012 for humanity Gaia & Earth to finally gain a foothold, enabling the flood of appropriate information to become available,..this the new era of humanity has begun.

I am so humbled,grateful & honoured to be in this now of galactic expansion..I am blessed by my connection to source

Happy beautiful day..GG😇💚

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