The ever diminishing demise of darkness.

Earth & humanity with some help from our galactic benevolent connected beings have started the process of what I call “the ever diminishing demise of darkness” .the dense dark energy that once was a thick crust around us is now wafer thin,& torrents of light frequency are pouring down not destroying the dark because energy can never be destroyed ,but returning it to its source , now this has begun this process cannot be undone.

From here on in , darkness,dark & inappropriate behaviour from humanity will be exposed, altered & changed by the growing positive , benevolent, compassionate love light Consciousnesses that is sweeping through the Earth’s crystalline grid, locking in with the energy of the wonderful goddess Gaia, & cleansing our waiting souls of past karma, & what will be soon be termed as archaic barbaric behaviour.

Add to this the rebirthing of only 4D conscious humans ,darkness can only ever retreat into a dimishing hole..ready to be swallowed by the sweeping tide of humanities true purpose in helping Gaia & planet Earth ascend to a new beautiful awareness of indescribable.awe power, realization magnificence & love.

Oh humanity is so beautiful,.as a collective, yet individual awaking source..3D entrenched humans will be left to continue their self chosen path of evolution, till they grow up into consciousness aware for those already adapting to this New Earth /consciousness , celebrate the next evolution of our beautiful god source self.

Love you in benevolent compassion..GG😀💓


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