Love is everything & yet much more then we know!

Love is such an emotional energy,.the empathy one gets when you hear stories of adopted humans reuniting with there birth parents ..I feel the compassion ,& benevolence, in this beautiful connection..yet my personal growth & expansion of love goes beyond even this.

I Imagine how much more the love of these beautiful.people will expand if (& they may well have) they connect to the love that goes beyond 3D linear thinking conceptional limited love.

True love for all humanity no matter our phobels & experience s through free choice,is just the beginning of understanding LOVE.. the love of departed ones is a limited conceptional how sad ..nobody ever dies , once this is realised the energy of love itself cannot be broken.

This & I will call it true love is so uplifting, melodic & far more connective then any human limited consciousness have the awareness of knowing that no matter how lonely or alone you feel you are worthy,& loved by a an intimate galactic family , that embrace us more then we could know.

The reason I address this is because right now in the UK there is a big thing about whether lives could have been saved in the Covid-19.pandemic, ..the outpouring of deaths , being used as an excuse for duality political conflict.

Love for everything, & everyone renders everything else in a 3D linear thinking concept..Death is a release.from a chosen life, & an expansion for that particular renew .

Thank you.. blessings in love GG🧡💚

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