Scientific research shows that when there is a full.moon, more people act in negative way..our consciousness changes as the dark.spaces & places &;hidden negativity in our body surface..we feel.out of sorts & confused,..there is generally more violence , robbery, drunkenness,& other so called anti- social this how we get the term Lunar-tic, associated with moon (lunar) conscious energy, that omits from the full moon.

Many researchers believe that the Earth did not always have a moon..& that it could have pulled into our Earth’s gravitational pull, as it tried to pass through..was/.is it a possible ark like vehicle for transportation,..that is now a command center of a reptilian base within?.

Interesting place is this moon, & this relative sudden interest in visiting it again ,all.finacied by a few private elite billionaires, who are being fed consciousness information from negative beings,.Elon musk is working in leige with N.A.S.A…who are primarily now looking at ancient sites on Earth , that could have been landing sites & technically advanced space centers.

More & more information about the moon is coming to.(moon) many things are now becoming known as the now in ascendancy light consciousness energy is making available to those of humanity who are aware, the beautiful intricacies & complexities of galactic expansion & truth.

Love,love &😇💓

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