The Perfect Plan

The Perfect Plan what is it? It is almost impossible to explain in Linear 3D thinking, when explained to most of humanity (still) appears to be chaotic, random, unpredictabile, & just a it is far from it.

Everything that has, or will happen has always been part of the plan.. everything is in the fields upon fields of potentials, conscious parts of source ready to be activated by some energy or another.

As regards to humanity, activated by our conscious free will, (choice)..this is where it can become confusing or seem chaotic,or contradictory, because some potentials.are brought (not forced ) into our peripheral conscious by benevolent higher consciousness beings, like the Pleiadians, & the council of 9 of “The galactic Federation.of light” & other s, thereby making it easier for us to make this free choice..& too much dark activity is often blocked..

To help understand this our free choice is really only a choice between dark & light , & all the varying degrees that exist with those concepts..light however is expansive & limitless in its positive potentials, whereas dark is dense,& limited it’s negative weapons,as well as stupid.

Humanity right now, having passed the marker , which could have destroyed us,& this planet, has moved into some at least of the peripheral potentials of positivity& love that these benevolent beings placed there for us…this is an example of the perfect plan..should we have not made past the marker , another set of potentials which were already known as part of the perfect plan would have been activated.

The wonderful beauty of the plan is that whatever our outcome, no judgement is made, our free choice of dark or light is the prime directive..having said that no seeded race on a planet by an higher consciousness being has failed to reach the anticipated beautiful is this.

Now humanity & Gaia (Earth included) is stepping into a whole new plethora of positive expanding potentials(experiences)..& we are beginning to realise how important we are to the expansion of not only ourselves but the benevolent beings who have invested in us (in an unattached way..I told you it’s…but our solar system, our, galaxy & sources expansion.

This is a very explanation of humanities current part in the grand scheme of things, the seemingly complex perfect.plan is ever becoming known.

Blessings in.lovr & light..GG💕😇


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