Earth & Humanities big expansion.

Almost all of the latest Pleiadian messages point towards the biggest conscious expansion of Earth & humanity in ten of thousands of years.

May 26th is the day this rare opportunity occurs, a gradual increase in positive higher consciousness energy has been transmitted to Earth in preparation..from 26th May the energy will be massive, it is the beautiful gift that our wonderful benevolent light being relatives are bestowing upon us.

Humanity will be distinctly split into two, low & higher consciousness beings, those of us who are of the required frequency will be lifted into a even more awareness, & be able to receive the new ideas, insight s,& creativity to carry humanity into the new beautiful,Earth , as Gaia spreads her wings & responds to her many years of imprisonment, making the adjustments that are needed for this new more aware conscious planet, fit for a new human.

Prepare yourself for a mind-blowing,wobble in your energy field, be ready to embrace this unbelievable moment in our current time/space now..I love you all, God bless, & I hope you all get what so deserve & desire…GG💕👌


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