The Moon..article 1.

So many scientists,astrologist,& others are delving into the secrets of

So many scientists , astrologist,& others are now trying to unlock the secrets of our moon..

The first anomaly that puzzles these inquiring minds, is the moons orbit around the Earth. It rotates in such a way that that only one (face) side is ever visible from Earth…hence the term the “Dark side of the moon ” no other known moons orbit in this manner.

Because of this & the perfect total. eclipses of the sun that happens when the full.moon moves directly in front of the sun, ,blocking the sun completely, many believe the moons orbit could be artificial.

What if anything lies on the dark side of the moon? has been suggested that alien bases, craft & beings could be hidden there, obscured from our view,

Another big question , that had been asked is” is the moon actually hollow inside?..was it created by an advanced race using alien technology..

Nasa have deliberately crashed craft, (probes) on the surface with siesmeters nearby to register any movement & happenings..the following is in Nasa,s own words ” The moon reacted like gong, for 3 hours it vibrated,& these vibrations travelled to a depth of approximately 22-30 miles, like a bell ringing”

A moon survey probe shows clear images of sub-surface structures..these images can be downloaded from ..moon survey images .

I will be publishing more information on the moon in future articles/posts ..

In beauty & love..GG💟

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