Solfeggio frequencies & 440hz.

Solfeggio frequencies are an ancient musical notes that were put into a scale known as “just intonation” by an 11th century Benedictine monk named ” Guido D Arezzo” . It a system whereby any natural C is always sung or played on the syllable DO..& Moveable Do…so & Fa..

In the film “Close encounters of the 3rd kind” the used as the basis of communication between humans & the visiting Aliens…no

Here are the 9 frequencies & the benefits listening to them can provide.

  • 174hz..Relieves pain & stress
  • 285hz..Healing tissue & organs
  • 396.. Liberation from negative things.
  • 417.. Transformation & fixing broken things.
  • 528..Miracles & DNA repair
  • 639.. Interpersonal Relationships.
  • 741..Solving problems, solutions,creative expression.
  • 853..Reset spiritual order.
  • 963..Balancing crown Chakra & returning to oneness.

The 440 Hz frequency is the standard frequency used in nearly all modern music, & is a controlling frequency, a subtle sub-conscious tone that the mostly negative aligned mass media music industry use to control & influence the masses.

As ever benevolent love & compassion..GG💕

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