Saturn..6th planet from the Sun.

Saturn has become a planet of massive interest in recent years. In the book by Norman R Bergrun ..”Ring-makers of Saturn”published in 1986, the author using photographs taken by Nasa , explains that the actual rings were formed, & within them he could see what he termed as “Electro Magnetic Vehicles” that emitted plasma, that made the rings.

This phenomena matches the ancients accounts that Saturn was originally ringless

According to David Icke & many others one of Saturn’s many moons (86) Lapetus the 3rd largest ,is artificial & contains an ancient advanced technological transmitter, disguised to look like a moon..a bit like the Death Star in the Star wars films…has been transmitting a sound frequency out into the he moving rings , the rings acting like a CD, which it looks like, using these as a sound amplifier to interfere with earth’s , thus creating this illusory matrix we have lived in for centuries.

What is known as Saturnian symbols have used throughout history..s lot of Freemasonry, masonic symbols are Saturnian, the Romans major God was Saturn,..the term Satan was used to represent a dark being who opposed God.

There is a major whirling Hexagonal shape, on the south side that is beyond the traditional laws of physics, it’s been defined as fluid dynamics, & may be one of 3 stargates in our galaxy to another galaxy/galaxies.

This fascinating planet still holds many many secrets , & is only one planet in our solar system that holds keys to the Universe.

Blessings in light & love GG💚

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