Rabbi Loew of Prague.(1525-1609

Another one of those fascinating characters in our historic timeline.

Rabbi Judah Loew of Prague probably it is thought was the 1st person to create a “Golem” a man of clay..Golem.is a Hebrew word similar to “Embryo” Jewish Mystics (cabbalist) used this magic by utilising the formula of word as set forth in the “Sefer Yetzirah” (book of creation)

This is similar to as God speaks & creates in “Genesis”I create as I speak. An example of how affirmations work perhaps?

Rabbi Judah Loew created a Golem to defend the Jewish community of Prague from Anti-Semetic attack. Eventually the Golem grew fearsome & violent & Rabbi Loew was forced to destroy it.

Legends say the Golem remains.in an attic in Prague ready to be reactivated if needed ..hmm imagine AI robots acting like this.

Love & blessings GG 💚

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