Mars update.

As always I ask any readers to use their own discernment, with regard to the information contained in this article, & take only information if any that resonates truly within you…

It seems that the 4 forces of negative tendancies on Mars, have despite accepting an agreement with the Galactic forces of light, to destroy all their bases & evacuate the planet by May 7th, have (not surprisingly) ignored the pact , & in a desperate attempt to pursue their dark agenda for humanity, the Annuaki who are low density 5th dimensional beings, are using invocation magic & trying to align the assistance of the higher density 5th dimensional beings”The Luciferians” .

This invocation magic if successful will pull the Luciferians from another timeline into ours , which will.alter the timeline of the planet Nibiru, bringing that planet once more into our galaxies timeline.

This is yet another example of how stupid dark energy is, as this action will.force the Galactic federation of Light into a war with these negative beings.

A mass light attack will ultimately destroy these forces.. perhaps sending them into a completely different Galactic timeline (personal opinion)..the advice from the for awakened.humanity to not only protect ourselves from some of the affects of this coming action , but also to assist in this situation is connect to our higher source & send compassion, & light into the consciousness .. for the coming weeks.

There is no danger to Earth, but many humans may feel some distortions in their energy fields

Blessings in love & light GG..😄💜

3 thoughts on “Mars update.

  1. Hiiii, in hindsight or foresight this explains that solar storm from these to cleanse both matters and earth. the is really coooool


  2. Hiiii, in hindsight or foresight this explains that solar storm (from your one of your latest posts) from the Sun to cleanse both mars and earth. This is really coooool


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