Bill Gates Revelations?


Before reading these new Revelations about this man, I ask you to use your own.personal discernment, with  regard to.what you may or may not believe?..only go with what resonates with you truly..& feel free to research this more should you wish.

The real Bill Gates died of disease rated illnesses in 2004, his soul was replaced by a reptilian ,in an agreed soul.swop with the malevenant Orion’s who,use there .allied reptilian beings souls for  such purposes..IE, the influencing of their genetic mutation of humans..

This soul switch is an agreement between a human soul that cannot continue , & a reptilian.soul, a contract offering the human souls  human form incentives that allow the body to continue, under the manipulation of reptilian s..the important thing to.remember is this a free choice(will) made by human soul involved..It also has an expiry Bill Gates case believed to end on Aug 26th to what happens when this scenario is reached , we shall have to wait & see…

The sudden change in a person’s personality is a big tell tale of a soul.switch…Mr Gates went from computer electronic,s to in a few years move to buying lots of land, genetic food production, & pharmacy,, & what is commonly know today as gene engineering progress.

The big divorce story of Mr & Mrs Gates is a 3D illusion to distract the mass populace from his aims.

Sending love & light to this now non-human being is absolutely the way to halt any negative energy , remember the dark is beaten, but in its stupidity dose not know it..

The article.are.Not.intended to.mislead or discredit whatsoever Mr Gates ,& are the authors.personal understanding inly

Blessings in love & light ..♥️🧡..GG

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