No forcing,just a gentle easing

As previously stated May is an awesome time energy wise..look anywhere on YouTube or the internet – all the benevelant channels are more or less saying the same.

The forcing of spirituality,spirit,light,god source energy is not required, a simple calm,steady awareness of love & the light codes that are coming late May onwards is all that is required..the only real action consciousnessly is not to buy into any of the main media’s bias & negativity. A gentle easing, into what is arriving , no need to figure it out, it will wash in & over you if you are aware, just accept this beautiful, exhilarating gift that God/source in its oneness is providing , it part of the grand plan of our & Earth’s expansion..human consciousness has met the criteria that was sitting in the fields of potentials for this evolution… enjoy it, embrace it, bless in it, be humble & expand with it.

You have my love šŸ˜ŠšŸ’–..GG

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