Lockdown, not a year lost.. much gained.

So many people feel as if they have lost a year of their lives. Personally I know I have gained 5.

During the year or so of lockdown, I have grown spirituality in amazing ways, that I know that would have taken 5 yrs had this not happened.

The uplifting, expansive, compassionate love of light & higher density benevelant beings has been there throughout, this has never been a time of negativity, as so many may have perceived . Activity busy,busy, was the old energy, where very few people would take time to stop & just be.

The new human is totally about being, activity is simply a choice , that is at  times required for a balance of our totatilly.

Humanity during this time of lockdown has either imploded & craved the old ways or embraced their own.magnifcence.

I personally did !!..as I believe many others did also..this period of time was despite many of humanity protesting a time of complete freedom from the old world.

In gratitude ,respect & love 💜..GG

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