Alternative 3

On June 20th 1977 Anglia TV network..a UK TV company aired a Drama titled “Alternative 3”

The programme was about super power governments working together to come up with a solution to the Earth’s climate crises ( which was deemed massive destruction to the planet & humanity)

They came up with 3 alternatives..& agreed that alternative 3 was the best possible solution.

Alternative 3 was to construct spaceship’s.& transport the world’s elite to the moon & Mars..leaving the rest of humanity to their fate.

Since the early 1960,s it is thought government agencies around the globe have been kidnapping ordinary people for common labour turning them into mindless automations with advanced brainwashing..& using them in secret bases to assist in such a program as Alternative 3.

Today billionaires like Elon Musk, Geoff bezos & others are investing heavily in new space technology, NASA have funded Spacex a company owned by Elon musk, by $100,s of millions.

Space exploration is now in the hands of private investors, planning to eventually (not to far off) transport humans to Mars paving the way for future colonization.

NASA now concentrates on understanding sacred ancient civilization sites, where it is thought the secrets to advanced space technology is locatated on Earth.

Are the elites planning to eventually relocate on other planets?

Blessings in love..GG♥️


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