Maria Horshic (German 1930?)

Maria Horshic, was a beautiful German mystic , who in the late 1920,s 30,s belonged to a secret society known as “Devril”…

It was at one of this group’s meetings she suddenly went into a trance & began to channel information from a being belonging to the Alderbaren star system…she drew diagrams of advanced flying crafts , (saucers).

Maria Horshic was a Friend of Rudolph Hess who was at the time a close associate of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, & having seen these drawings used them to try & raise his standings in the National Socialist Party of Germany..the information was meant to be given to help create peace in the world.

Rudolph Hess became 2nd in command in the, & he was interested in occult , & we must not forget he came over to England to broker peace with the then UK prime minister Neville Chamberlain.

These plans & drawings resembled the ideas of a Austrian sceintist a few years previously, Victor Schalberber ..the Nazis kidnapped Schalberber & got him to work for them on the flying saucer technology channelled through Maria Horschic, based on the light beings of the Alderbaren star system.

Most of this technology.was ready for development towards the end of WW2..the Nazis had the technology, scientists & know how, but lacked essential investment, like oil,& mercury to create the really profound stuff, but they certainly produced superior weapons then the it became evident that they would lose before the mass production of flying saucers weponary could be completed, the top third reich associates took all their mostly stolen assets & advanced weaponry plans & fled to Argentina,Norway,& Antarctica..

The dark tendencies of Adolf Hitler,& his elite group, is one reason why the light beings have been reluctant to share advanced technology with us, it could have end d up destroying us, the Americans developed the Atomic bomb from such part 2 I will discuss the battle that the decorated Admiral.Byrd had with Nazi flying saucers on the Antarctica in 1940.

Blessings GG😎

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