Opening up

Opening up completely to the universe/source energy can be scary, often due to our fear of being influenced by dark entities or of the unknown that expansion brings with it.

We do not feel comfortable with change or what we don’t understand. Therefore we restrict our stepping into unity & oneness & seeing all through the eye of source.

In dealing with the fear of dark entities influence, know that light has won, the only dark left is what you still believe within yourself , any dark influences are self created.. because you & only you create it..create light & dark cannot exist.

The fear of change & the unknown are both linked with your dark energy , fear,is the absolute primary weapon of darkness..once again light has won, the new expansion of consciousness is “embrace change” step fearlessly into the unknown, your light will.sweep aside any restrictions you have been imposing on yourself.

Change is the light continuum it is the embracing spirit that will carry you forward into the ever opening up of your limitless infinate dark can exist in your world of light, & other people,s dark is only their own individualized experience of it through free will.

Open up fully, bring into unity all the different aspects of yourself, ground yourself into Earth ,& merge your human form self into the multi-faceted you.. acknowledge all that you are, & bathe every aspect in.light, become light energy,.. opening up frees you ,heals & removes dark from not only you but the planet…move into the higher consciousness divide of humanity Earth,..become the light continuum of earth’s split, & be the magnificent light human being that you are

Love & gratitude GG🤩

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