Spiritual awakening.

The term spiritual awakening seems to banded around with ease these days,..everybody seems to think one defining moment means they have suddenly dramatically peirced the veil between human consciousness & multi-dimensional source..my own personal experience was & in my awareness of spiritually never defined to one woo woo moment of dramatic change.

It was more like a day to day gradual step into awareness..one day I would be aware of a change in a single thought, like race for example, the next day it might be a change in my political beliefs, the day after the notion of changing my diet, the day after that I knew I had to change my affirmations,..& so on, not even daily changes, sometimes aweek ,or a month, but a incremental growth of awareness accumulated over time.

Spiritual awakening for me in the now is knowing that 3D linear activity & events no longer affect me..I have become( almost )..lol.detached from such things, while still interacting in the world ..surely that is spiritual awakening..the rest is still the journey, a 24hr meld with source , that shapes & moves & gives you ever more information , as you expand into a ever growing consciousness assimilating vast knowledge when needed & knowing you are plotting a course home…

Love đŸ’œ..GG

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