Strange!!..elite billionaires talking about Alien’s.

On YouTube both Elon Musk & Mark Zuckerberg, talk about Alien’s, & both say ” people think I am an 👽” & Mark Zuckerberg even hints he is one(jokingly ).

Bill gates has been deemed an Alien many times.

This is weird , because from. my personal perspective, they are using the term Alien, in the negative , as if all non human otherworldly species are Malevent,..when in fact it is now widely known that humanty are starseed beings ..(Aliens )..not a term I like using.

It’s as if they know they are, & trying to cover the fact..they are on a conscious level manipulated by dark Malevent beings..(Alien’s)

The dark energy is so arrogant & egotistic ,..Yet I hold no malice or judgement , only compassion,& benevelent love for misled humanty, no matter what form it takes.

Light & love GG🧡💜

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