Gaia is smiling

Gaia is smiling, humanity is beguiling . Her compassion is not rationed, it is infinite & patterned.

She is a conscious being, aware & all seeing. Gaia feels,,knows & smells like the lotus rose.

Her love is not irrelevant but wonderfully benevelant. A goddess of course, but still created from source.

Gaia is smiling , not dying,flying into 5D with those of light Humanity.

She is alive, & vibrant ,not a tyrant.embracing her children everyday, in a miraculous way.

Grace, gratitude, compassion, generosity,respect ,honour & tenderness, she is nothing less.

I kiss her Earth dirt, knees on ground ,lips open & unbound.

It took her a while ,but what a smile. The planet reverberates for many a mile.

Blessings Earth Mother, from a humble lover..& another ,another ,another.

Respects GG🌍😀

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