Dark move on Football..more exposure, & defeated.

The dark energy side of football has reared its ugly head for all to see..12 elite clubs being offered obscene money to form a European League…A big,brazen egotistical, brash move to manipulate & control.this.particular sport.

Here in the UK football.is regarded as the major sport, it has been an ingrained part of the countries heritage for years, comminities were built around it,..the spiritual conscious of the fans ,most of the players & managers was underestimated..the dark has been creeping in for a while, undermining the game, dramatically, but the new energy consciousness forced this premature move for complete dark control , & this is a prime example of how it can be defeated by conscious thought,energy & action…ok this football!!..but it is a indication prelude to what aware consciousness Humanity can do, this rejection of dark as it is exposed in every aspect of our lives, will be beaten, because no matter how trivial in world events this may seem, it’s a message to the egotistic, wealthy, uncaring negative humans , that all is not well…other aspects of worldwide affairs will upon exposure fall, as the light engulfs it.

Beautiful love to you all..GG💜🧡

One response to “Dark move on Football..more exposure, & defeated.”

  1. Well said.


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