The Trump Wild Card.

Informational sources for this post are credited to channels from Kryon.(Lee Carroll) & Metraton (Sam the Illusionist), both of magnetic service, & my own personal perspective,awareness…all content is my personal opinion & not nessecerilly that.of the sources quoted…I ask the  readers of this post to use their  own discernment & only accept what the parts if any  resonates with you.

Donald Trump, what an interesting character..I make no judgements on him as a human. In 3D  linear thinking & perception he is full of controversy,& colour & definitely a little  mis-understood.

He is  Martian & Millions of years ,ago he fought in the war that  destroyed The planet Mars, he was on the side of the benevelant beings who,s planet was being fought over , by Malevant negative forces..this light imbued soul died gailantly in his defence for his fellow martians.

He reincarnted as an evolved higher conscious soul in a future Martian timeline & volunteered to come to Earth , to expose the myth,s & dark   lies that   surround  so called free speech of humans on Earth & it’s illusory inappropriate political system,s particularly in America.
He came as a spiritual source wild card, with this purpose,..he believes  in free speech , & free choice for Humanity,..he is the 1st of many Wild cards that volunteer to disrupt the dark energy despite his high consciousness evolution..these wild cards  .will show up more & more in the new planetery energy, light consciousness beings helping to expose the dark.
In love & light 🧡..GG

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