Musk V Gates

Elon Musk & Bill Gates , have a dislike for each other.

Weird; Musk wants to Neuralink everybody, nuke Mars,..Bill Gates wants to block the sun, buy up space & control food ptoduction.

Two multi billionaires, who agree with the great reset & some form of Universal basic credit.

Both locked in negative consciousness..both wanting control of humanity & the world, both looking like unless they through free choice imbue themselves with light very quickly, will upon death( whenever that is), not reincarnate on this Earth , but on some other dark density planet to continue learning their life’s lessons, thinking they are immune to the perfect god/source plan, while this beautiful planet Earth & a more enlightened, higher aware conscious new human moves forward in unity,Grace,honour,respect & love…

Battle on my two big shots I say, with my blessings, love, compassion & benevelence..💖

All humanty deserves compassion & love

Blessings GG 💜

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