The Shadow

The Shadow is OK ..for many years prior 2012 I was fixtated by my shadow πŸŒ‘…

This was the predominant spiritual teachings of the 80,& 90,s look at, understand & embrace your shadow..

In them days the dark energy consciousness was the prevailing controlling creative consciousness on the planet…the so called new age at the time was sugary positive positive, positive, run by middle class elite ego spiritualists.

So the way forward for me at that time, was the understanding of the Shadow..which was with the tools available the spiritual truth in those times.

Facing the fear of your inner shadow, has been a spiritual believe for many many years, the Mystics.partilculary Christian ones have in there multitude of historic writings expounded on the subject, they named this this “the dark night of soul* .when one who experienced this became one with god..most enlightened.humans now call this source.

Personally it was a hard,confusing,disciplined, full of fear spiritual journey as I am sure many others will know , but as said when I look back upon it ,it was the way,..& I do not regret it one bitπŸ˜€.. the Shadow is just the part of our consciousness that is dark, ingrained therefore become a natural part of us, that is protected by the ego part that refuses to admit it is wrong, or destructive, yet in oneness ,unity it is none of is just dark energy , propelled by ourselves through free will (choice) mostly not knowingly, because we have forgotten who we are, but sometimes knowingly & in a few instances manipulated by malevanent higher consciousness beings..once you choose to face the shadow , & know it was a part of you, & embrace it with love & understanding it actually becomes your friend ,& as extra light energy it will reinforce your defense against the dark, so treat your shadow as a allie, it is truly ok to have on your side..

In gratitude & love ..GGπŸ™πŸ’œ

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