Panic tactics

The dark misled Elite of Humanity are panicking, they are desperately seeking a way to live forever, because they have been told by their negative influences that when they die this time round they will not return to Earth ..thus ending the negative tendicies they have planned for humanty & the.planet..they are investing millions ,into bio-tech companies ike Calipo who are offering live longer products & devices. , For 5,000$ you can buy a litre of 16-18 yr olds blood, injected into your own bloodstream inan effort to reduce aging..these super-rich elite literally believe that money will by anything, while at the same time exploiting the immortality death avoidance commercial market.

It’s sad really, because all they have to do is through free will, connect to their own I AM source, & light & understand through spirit that we are designed to live naturally much longer lives.

In love & beauty GG 💜

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