War on Mars

I have thought a lot about whether to post this article or not..having done so I ask any readers to use there own discernment with any information contained herein..I have verified a lot of the content from several sources..it is my own personal perspective…not meant for fear, because light has won!!. But I believe needs to be passed on.

Sources include channels from ..Ashtar Galactic.light Federation, Ra group of consciousness, & Andromedians.

Mars has become a base for a coalition of four negative energy races of beings They are Annuaki,& their lackeys the Grays, the Orion’s & the Reptilians..they have built a fleet of pyramid shaped ships of crystalline light structures on Mars & in the Pacific & Artic oceans. These UFO,s are difficult for 3D humans to see.

These 4 malevent races have the world’s human elite as hostages, feeding them high tech information, which they can use due to their vast resources, to bring humanity under their control.

The mars Rover has been manipulated ,moved to show what what they want us to see…some of you may know it has been acting strange lately.

As stated in an earlier post, Elon Musk is working on manned flights to Mars & would like to nuke parts of it under the pretence of purifying the air to enable humanity to live there, which may well.work, but also to kill the martians living their.

These beings do not want Earth & humanity to.fully ascend to 4D & beyond, they have chosen through free will to fight this..this has been their choice throughout many a millenia of Galactic history, held into.place by a basic unsteady alliance / agreement with the more Benevelant understanding light beings of the Galactic Federation of light.

Until now the Galactic Federation has decided not to interfere, because Earths Ascension was not assured, & the prime directive of free will for humanty had to be upheld, since April 11th however Humanities consciousness in agreement & alignment with Gaia,s has through free will, decided to shift into 4D, so Earth & much of Humanity are on board consciously, but a lot are still not, including practically all the elite of humanity…now Humanities decsion had been made, the Galactic Federation of light have decided to act .

In the next few days.. (unspecified)..a war will probably break out on Mars..the biggest war in cosmic federation..our higher density light benevolent brothers – sisters are determined to derail the darks attempts to prevent us from the spiritual advancment & awareness that we have through free choice choosen.

The outcome of this war is there may well be some Aftershock’s felt here on Earth..the sun may fluctuate in & out, the energy & consciousness will be different..as darkness is confronted.. watch for some strange human behavior..the advice from our galactic light watchers over the next month are the following

  • Stay in the sun whenever possible
  • Meditate for longer
  • Stay in nature more
  • Avoid as much fear & negativity as possible
  • Breath deeply , opening the crown lotus,
  • Ground into Gaia more often.

And keep reminding yourself with clear conscise affirmations “the light has won”

As I keep saying, the dark.is stupid, only intelligent thought can activate it..but it cannot see beyond any higher consciousness…it’s a wobble ,shift alignment, in our journey to enlightenment & a higher conscious new human. As we leave the low dense energy & humans who choose it behind.

Much gratitude, Grace, benevelence, love & light GGπŸ’–πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’œ

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