Alliance with the Annuaki?

In my post “Elon Musk ,Neuralink,Edison & Tulsa.” posted on 9th March 9th, I gave an personal perspective of where I thought Elon Musk was consciously..

Since then information in a channelling by the wonderful “Sam the Illusionist” has virtually confirmed my view. All information is a personal veiwpoint of the author only me .GG .No judgement or any other implied injustices are intended in anyway.

According to Ra..a benevelent higher consciousness collective, the said Elon Musk (,who for those who are not aware of the man & his work is the second or third richest man in the world, his business interests are technology, & Space exploration, He is a high ranking official or director in Tulsa electric cars, SpaceX travel, & Neuralink ” Neuralink is a AI brain implant for humans, that will connect to the forth coming 5G world brain internet web.. enabling humans to interact with just thought computers,& many other world wide computerised technology.) made agreements with The Annuaki & Grays , who are more Malevanet races interested in only controlling humans for their own benefit.

Elon Musk has already simply by using his prototype Neauralink on pig & monkeys in testing, violated & infringed on animals free will (who are 2nd density beings)

He is an agent of the Annuaki using there technology in order to open a pathway for there ambitions.

His Space X company has developed rockets that can land on small.platforms , thus allowing them to be reused time & time again, making space travel less expensive..he plans to detonate a nuclear explosion on Mars, believing that the blast will repurify the air , making it habitable for humanty…Mars also had hidden Annuaki & Gray bases on it!!.

In ending Spiritual Ascension dose not require technological assistance …

Love & Gratitude in light ..GG💙💛

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