Old new (dark) age control.

This post is purely to help readers identify the difference between the old spiritual so called new age pre 2OOO & the new much more liberating energy of today post 2012..it is my own personal experiences in my quest for spiritual enlightenment during a period of dense dark energy on the planet ,that never knew at the time (and still dose not. Lol) was nearing the end of it’s dominance…all views expressed are my own personal knowing & experiences, which anybody around at the time may also identify with.

The old pre 2012 new age was from my experiences & now expanded awareness very limited & controlling in it’s information regarding spiritual growth.

If you drank alcohol,smoked,was not a vegetarian or took drugs ,you were JUDGED, regarded as not spiritual..it was elitist control, & could almost be deemed as a religon,run by the white middle class.

The Irony is was they believed they were teaching spiritual freedom..

When I attended these festivals there was no Alcohol on sale, (although wine was available..very middle class at the time..lol😋)no smoking,no coffee, & the food was virtually all vegetarian…it was steeped in love, love,love, smiley ,smiley,smiley, incense, in a time when the dark shadow was in each of us was predominant..it was so up its own arse..lol.

I attended so many of these with the intention of gaining some spiritual knowledge &/or awareness..I got very little, everything was expensive, & money orientated..this was however was a fantastic learning curve for me , I began to realise that the dark energy crust consciousness that was surrounding Earth was restricting the flow of light to only a trickle, & therefore limiting the so called new age teachings , most of the organizers & facilitators were influenced by 3D dark dense linear limited awareness, some by free choice, others simply unknowing they could not penetrate the dark crust into the veil beyond.

When 1 or 2 Maverick teachers with an awareness of that ,that was outside the 3D liner new age thinking, did, turn up they were all soon banned from any further participation.

One facilitator in particular would clearly state in the offical program & on his own personal literature ” This workshop starts (for example) at 2.30pm sharp, anybody turning up after this time will be refused entry with no refunds” Needless to say there were latecomers..they were refused entry.

They complained to the organizers, citing the usual , ” I was only a few minutes late”..etc,etc..the outcome ,even though the lecturer explained that part of the workshops teachings was respect & the importance of understanding punctuality & the consequences it can sometimes incur” was the organizers demanded the latecomers were given a refund & allowed free entry to the next workshop. Which they did attend only to complain that the facilitator swore to much .

Todays energy is different, if any festival,event, meeting or teacher has any restrictions, beyond that of respect for the occasion , avoid it,

This is a beautiful , benevelant energy we live in, no judgement, or restrictions beyond those legal & respectful honour.

The day of acting like spiritual sheep is past.

In love respect & honour..GG 🧡

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