Earths seperation begins 22.33 today πŸŒ—

Today April 11th is massive for Earth & Humanity…The arrival.of April’s new moon (in my case 22.33 GMT) the beginning of Earths from 3d to 4D..I have felt it for sometime..most will not see anything different, except more outpouring of dark events on the planet, as the dark web is exposed for all to see.

It is an energy consciousness that many more humans will.feel & sense , as the dark & light conscious beings on the planet become more apparent & seperated in idealogies, thoughts & actions..the body will react in increasing ways , particularly in those who are already stepping in 4D & is beautiful, it is the coming of the Christ…this will be reinforced with a massive re-incarnation of graduated Christ conscious souls , More Pleiadians, & others will be born , they are our closest starseed brothers & sisters anyway, to assist in this wonderful new compassionate, benevelant, energy of love, abundance ,& unity

Our dormant DNA will be activated much more causing this bodily change, remembering,& light activation..

Such beautiful, wonderful , conscious shifts, the light is now officially in the ascency.. yippee πŸ˜€

I love you allπŸ’œ. GG

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