Are the Archon just a human dark energy consciousness.?

The contents in this article are purely a personal observation..of me GG only.

It is believed The Archons, are group of dark God’s that are using the dark energy to keep Humanity under control… a low vibrational dense energy, that through free choice consciousness by humans can create great perceived evil.on Earth, ..all the inappropriateness we see in our duality..mass murder,rape,child abuse, lack, illness, anger,violence, fraud, black magic, war, etc,etc,..dark deities can be imagined by humans into creation by using dark energy… the devil is one example of this…dark demonic beings exist in dark created conscious thoughts.only!!.

My Question therefore is are the Archons human created dark energy deities or are they a malevelant race of higher density beings, controlling an elite few humans in a quest for planetery control?

Answers on a postcode would love your comments on this..?


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