Will the Masters return: Yes in Us๐Ÿ˜€

Many Spiritual/enlightened humans are wondering if ,when or are the past masters who walked the Earth are coming back or are in fact walking among us.

The past masters were truly gifts to Humanity from the God source, they came this Earth plane already highly evolved , remembering there purpose & willingly shared their knowing ,wisdom & inner mystical knowledge with humanity…many were ridiculed, belittled & even killed for their beliefs & outspokenness.

These souls are now so highly evolved that reincarnation in a human body corperal form is almost impossible for them now…but they all are here in the now in the higher vibrational consciousness of the new energy we are now in..we all have the ability to access the wisdom,skills, knowledge & mastery potential within us..those of us who seek this, with awareness,asking ,& intent can be a master here on Earth.. walking around & spreading the ever expanding way of god/source/spirit to the masses..once accessed & understood we will re-incarnate lifetime after lifetime as the new masters in an ever expanding Humanity/Earth spiritual consciousness..our magnificence is still to many of us unrealised , not yet known, but that’s ok, each & everyone of us is at our own level of growth,in the now.. its just nice to be reminded that you are more then you think you are..much much more.

Blessings in light & love ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿงก..GG


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