The Divine Offer.

This post is in gratitude to Lee Carroll (Kryon)..who’s channel. made a vague memory a knowing…this is my personal offering & perspective of that particular channel..which you can if wish listen to at April 2021.

I found myself so resonating to this beautiful channel..”this is my albeit shorter version. Hope you like it.

Imagine you as your sovereign singularity source self, that angelic being you are beyond the veil of 3D linear Earth.

You are at one & in unity with the limitless flowing & glowing conscious energy.. beautiful harmonious music cascades & dances all around you, it is you,you are it, hearing,seeing & feeling every chord,note & it’s .purest form.

Happiness,joy, benevelence is your entire being, through this magnificent splendour a consciousness of love Sonic phrases hugs you in brilliant acceptance..words they would be known as, this is what you hear.

Oh my dearest child of God, I have a sweet , beautiful, test for Offer, of magnificent magnitude,..the outcome of which will assist in the expansion ,growth, awareness & learning of infinite galaxies & trillions of beings..a test that I offer you because you are the one equipped to figure it out, work the puzzles ..what is your response..”

Without hesitation your answer of yes melds with the everything… immediately you become aware of what your acceptance & purpose are overjoyed with a blessing that cannot be described, as you remember & know you have done this before..only not on this particular planet, Earth awaits you..needs you to bring it & all it’s kind to a higher consciousness, as you begin your 1st life of many as a new soul to eventually return home for good ,having shared with everything your millions of experiences during this offer of great importance & expansion of galaxies,universies,& beings, & source itself.. knowing there is ifinate continued learning & expansion…you are now aware you will remember nothing ,your prime asset will be simply “free choice” as you set out on your adventures, just before you go, you realise this is the only plan there is, you need know nothing memories fade & you awake as a new born for the 1st time.

This is so sweet, beautiful & gives me such a bigger perception, & awareness of our magnificence & purpose…I hope this gives your life & journey even a little more meaning..& you are truly blessed, beautiful & magnificent in the eyes of God/Source

Thank you..GG💖😋


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