The largest astronomy book in the🌍🌎🌏!!

Most of the indigenous ancients were fascinated by the sky & stars…they appear to have had an affinity & knowledge of them that we are only just beginning to remember & understand.

One particular area that has become of major interest in that last few years is in South America , Peru, in the Atacama desert region, where the phenomina known as the Nazca lines are found.

Interest in this site began in 1553….

This site has a huge ,& vast array of geometric patterns, figures of animals & vast streaks.. nothing particularly unusual in this, there are many places on Earth that have such markings..the difference with these however is they are so gigantic that they can only be seen fully from the air, & when viewed from.high up they resemble several star constellations, Pleiades , Orion,& Cygnus, to name three, ..

It is now known that similar patterns have been found on Mars & other planets, ..

The Nazca lines are etched in an area where there are a mass of Ley line energy grids, a set of these Ley lines run from Lake Titicaca.(Peru)to Nazca..& Lake Titicaca Is one of 12 node energy spots created by the Pleiadians programmed to activate in the new energy…no coincidence.

This array of designs & monogliths, are probably the biggest astronomy book in the world, & are considered to be a map for inter-dimensional beings & possible landing sights for different starships they are based on the number 12 .

It is more then likely that the Sirius beings were once there, as according to Matias de Stefano ( Sirian skulls have been found there.

This stuff is so amazing & wonderful from my personal perspective & still fairly limited & light GGπŸŒˆπŸ§‘πŸ’š

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