More on the 2012 new energy.

2012 was the the marker for the our humanity & Earths shift to an higher consciousness, a 56, 000yr move away from the.old prodominately low dense dark energy, to a more light enfused human with a higher awareness.

This new incoming energy is a 36yr window. 18 yrs up to the marker 1994, & 18 yrs past it 2030..36 equates to 9 3+6 .a sacred number meaning end of a cycle /new beginnings…18 also equels 9..we are currently in 2021..9 years into the outgoing phase of this quintessential never before achieved period of Humanity & it’s growth,.2021 =5 which is big change… this year will be see the biggest energy transformation.of humanity & Earth that has never been felt,imagined or seen.. April the 11 is the day The master of love , benevelence & compassion Jesus, rose from his death…this year from that date will see the return of the Christ consciousness, & a mass of humanity will feel this energy shift big time.

The next 9 years holds infinite possibilities & potentials for humanity, the dark still misguided, by free choice I might add, elements of mankind are being exposed,squeezed & rallying in a futile ,but frenzied stand to hold onto their power..but as I have said many times now “dark dense low vibrational energy is STUPID..held up only the consciousness of free choice humans.. remember we have passed the marker of amarggedon,..light is the only winner now, it just a case of when Humanity create it’..sooner or is our choice.

The system of God/source is wonderful in it’s benevelant workings.. blessings to you all in love & light πŸ˜‹πŸ˜€πŸ€ͺπŸ’œ ..GG

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