A revolution of Perception.

We are all.individuel sovereign aspects of source/the whole, who for thousands of years have had to deal with low vibrational dark energy , that the majority of Humanity created through our conscious perception into our Earth reality.

This majority output of dark consciousness, has seeped us into duality, septation from the oneness we all are, bringing about, rich,poor,anger, love,beauty,ugligness, famine, gluttony,elite & not,..all emotions are energy distortions that are separated from the whole,

Up until the 2012 marker, the dark energy perception , reality of Humanity on Earth was prevalent,..then the shift happened..now we have the tools & ablities.to access the light much more , & many more humans are doing this..this is changing their perception of the planet & how it is being managed…so many humans now don’t like what they see in the world’s old dark illusory. reality of today.

They see, the ugligness.hated,control,anger,frustration, & inappropriateness.of the still. dark induced society that we currently live in..but are also seeing the beauty of the light that has been slowly manifesting, the balanced new human is beginning to.emerge..it is this perceptional awakening & awareness of light creating reality ,that is the key to changing the current dark aspects of our society, this is the unstoppable revolution that the dark energy fears most, because light transforms dark back into the whole single source of oneness…we are in a revolution by perception…oh how gloriously magnificent is this.

Love for ever🌞🌈❤️ .GG

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