Theta & Covid

A personal perspective.

In the 90,s the use of Theta binural tapes..yes cassette player tapes arguably the most powerful technique on the market .Theta . for those who may not know is a state of consciousness were the brainwaves slow to 4-9 cycles per second. Instead of wide awake state Alpha which is 15-21 cps

The general idea of Theta was to slow the brainwave osolation to a sufficient degree to allow the flow of higher conscious information & downloads to penetrate into your subconscious, bypassing the usual continuing chatting in Alpha wide awake state., In effect slowing the brain allowing a conscious energy recalibrating, a self slowing that is essential in spiritual expansion.

I perceive this as a Micro-nisim in relation to covid-19 & planet Earth (Gaia).

Gaia needs to expand herself consciously,Earth is unlike any other planet in that she is a living intelligent conscious aspect of feminine energy who has been to experience higher consciousness.

In order to do this Earth had to come to a slowing ,a stilling of the insane activity of Humanity to allow Gaia to an energy higher conscious recalibration , a bit like our brain slowing down to a Theta state.

This I believe is why Covid had to happen , in the 1st full lockdowns worldwide for 3-4 months this happened ,there was very little activity on the planet, the shift , a planetery wobble happened, essential for the growth of Humanity,Earth,Gaia, & the entire Galaxy.

Remember there are no coincidences, we have had thousands of planes & people traveling worldwide everyday for 50 yrs, during that time any number of disease’s more serious then Covid. could have been transmitted & caused a pandemic..yet it never happened till 2019/2020, the first pandemic in the new energy ( 2012)..& it literally caused a shutdown that only wartime in the old energy could do…death is always sad & still feared by most, but when you completely understand there is no death, & those that have died from Covid-19 had agreed/ chosen to leave Earth at this time, in pure benevelant love for Humanity ,Gaia & the Galaxy , that’s compassion, & a sacrifice that most people will never divinity , empathy ,& undying gratitude goes out to those wonderful consciousness souls , such was there purpose this time around.

For the survivors who are light workers it is now imperative to ensure we create the conscious change to help. bring about the magnificent new human & new planet Earth that is emerging as quickly as possible.

In pure benevelant love GG๐ŸŒž๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’š

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