The Temple of Hathor & the Pleiadian sisters.

In 1798 Napoleon & his troops stopped to rest in a place in Egypt.known as Dendara..they camped outside the confines of a ancient temple..A party of men lead by a man named Denon, one of Napoleon,s artist,s ventured through the main entrance, & into the temple.

In a semi darkened room they made a remarkable discovery, they saw a clearly detailed picture depicting the 12′ Zodiac star signs…around the outside of the signs themselves were pictures of 36 figures (now known to be commonly regarded as Deacons, each one residing over ten days of the year, making 360 days,..after some more discoveries it became aware that this temple was a temple of the 7 goddess Hathor, & it’s alignment was directly beneath the the open star cluster of the 7 sisters (Pleiades)..7 temples of Hathor as it known , the goddess.of love,joy, compassion, feminity…another example of a civilization referring to the stars & the 7 sisters of Pleiades,..the Ancients knew about the true seedings of our current Humanity .

Part two of this post will follow.

Blessings & beautiful benevelence..💚GG

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