Atlas carried the worries of the world on his

Giants skeletons have however been found in mounds in native America, there have been over 1500 newspaper accounts of Giants..& according to,781 8-14 ft skeletons were exhumed in Catalina island CA in 1920.

Another significant amount was found in Nambia in 1960..

The Bible in Genesis talks of the Nephilim Giants, who were meant to have built the tower of Babel.

The Ancient Nemnir (Giants) visited Earth from cold planets about 1 million yrs ago, & lived in mostly cold places like Siberia, Alaska, Scandinavia..they came as keepers of the ice, embedding expanding consciousness information in the ice, which when melted would flow into the waters, this is why water is such a beautiful thing, & the current keepers of this information are the dolphins & Whales.. our planets secret spiritual history is truly mesmerizing..

Toodle loo in blessed love.GG💚💙💛😊

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  1. Wow, fascinating.


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