The Library of self-knowing!!

The Library of Congress in the US is the largest In the world with over 170million books

Now imagine every page of every book, every word on every page, & every letter in every word, & more being a strand of multi-dimensional source information, stored in a single place, that you can access.

Well that place is your dna, everything you ever wanted to know about yourself & beyond 3D linear thinking is there in your own personal Library of self knowing,..our DNA is currently the major accessible warehouse of information available to you on your own personal journey.

No keys need to be collected, you already have them in the new energy..each subject is freely available for you to discover , each & everyone of us being a individualized sovereign aspect of source will choose our own subjects, such is the varying degrees of linear thinking .

You are your own pathway, & need never look outside yourself for your own personal knowing,..others can only ever reaffirm them .or trigger your inner knowing to choose a subject to discover that ,that resonates within your own library of self-knowing..

Your are so loved πŸ§‘πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›…GG


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